Spiritual Life

Bad company

Once the abbot of a monastery had this dream: there were many monks in a monastery, each one doing his own task. All of them were surrounded by demons who tried to tempt them in different ways, but in vain, for the monks were holy enough to reject those temptations. At a certain point a […]

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Keep walking

It was Friday, June 13th 1930, when Henri Guillaumet, an experienced French airplane pilot, had to travel from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza. The weather forecast predicted a huge snowstorm for that day. However, he still decided to leave Chile and to cross Los Andes (The Andes). At one point the snowstorm became very strong

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Be coherent

Once the famous scientist Louis Pasteur (the one who discover the microorganisms and invented the process of pasteurization) was eating with some friends and grapes were served. Everyone was about to eat them when Pasteur stopped them and started explaining the necessity of washing the grapes before eating them. While he was explaining his theory

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