Casiano says in his “Collationes” (Conferences) that there was a man of proven patience in Alexandria, whom the pagans sometimes used to insult and provoke with serious insults. One day when they were bothering him, they asked him: – What miracles has that Christ whom you worship done? – That your aggressions and insults, and […]

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Capturing perfect peace

Once there was a king who offered a great prize to the artist who could capture perfect peace in a painting. Many artists tried, and the king carefully observed all the paintings. He selected two of them: “only these two really represent perfect peace” he said. However, he had to give the prize to just

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Face the music

Have you ever heard the expression “Face the music?” The expression means: to be confronted with the unpleasant consequences of one’s actions. Here’s how that phrase came about: Many years ago, a man wanted to play in the Imperial Orchestra, but he could not play a note. However, since he was a person of great

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Bad company

Once the abbot of a monastery had this dream: there were many monks in a monastery, each one doing his own task. All of them were surrounded by demons who tried to tempt them in different ways, but in vain, for the monks were holy enough to reject those temptations. At a certain point a

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Philip III of Spain put the Duque of Osuna in charge of the land of Naples. The Duque of Osuna went to visit the prison on the festival day of that prison. There was a tradition to release one of the prisoners on that day. Before releasing a prisoner, he first asked each of them

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Be ready!

Once St. Ignatius of Loyola saw a religious who was sweeping the house and asked him: “Who are you doing this for?” The religious answered: “I am doing this for the love of God.” To which St. Ignatius said: “It does not matter if we serve the world in a lazy and neglectful way, but

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Blessed Clement Hofbauer, a Moravian religious and priest who was born in 1751, was pastor at St. Benno’s Church in Warsaw, Poland. Once he saw a homeless boy on the street and he brought him to the rectory, cleaned him up, fed him and catechized him. Little by little he started bringing more boys to

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It is said that in the Principality of Monaco, judges condemned an offender to the guillotine, even though they didn’t have a guillotine nor an executioner. They ordered both (a guillotine and an executioner) from France, but as the rent was very expensive, they decided to leave the offender in jail and not to kill

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