Keep walking

It was Friday, June 13th 1930, when Henri Guillaumet, an experienced French airplane pilot, had to travel from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza. The weather forecast predicted a huge snowstorm for that day. However, he still decided to leave Chile and to cross Los Andes (The Andes). At one point the snowstorm became very strong […]

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But not my soul!

In 1914, after Germany invaded Belgium, a magazine had a famous cartoon in which it showed the German Emperor saying to King Albert of Belgium, “So now you have lost everything”; and Albert’s answer came: “But not my soul!” Behind this cartoon there is an important teaching that is also in the Gospel: We, human

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Accepting sufferings

The very wealthy English Baron Fitzgerald had only one child, a son, who understandably was the apple of his eye, the center of his affections, an only child, the focus of this little family’s attention. The son grew up, but in his early teens his mother died, leaving him and his father. Fitzgerald grieved over

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