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Good company

There is a story about a boy who was born in a little town. He went to school and used to sit beside a girl. She was a sweet and innocent girl. He loved this girl. She was Catholic and liked to do good things for others, like works of charity and mercy. He used

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There is a children’s story about a farmer who had 4 children. His kids were always fighting with each other. It was impossible to get them to work together, play together, etc. If one said right, the other said left, if one said up, the other said down. He thought they would change little by

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Casiano says in his “Collationes” (Conferences) that there was a man of proven patience in Alexandria, whom the pagans sometimes used to insult and provoke with serious insults. One day when they were bothering him, they asked him: – What miracles has that Christ whom you worship done? – That your aggressions and insults, and

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Capturing perfect peace

Once there was a king who offered a great prize to the artist who could capture perfect peace in a painting. Many artists tried, and the king carefully observed all the paintings. He selected two of them: “only these two really represent perfect peace” he said. However, he had to give the prize to just

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