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The Greek philosopher Diogenes, also known as Diogenes the Cynic, whose house was a barrel on the beach, always had intelligent answers for those who challenged him and most of the time they were very accurate ones. One of these smart answers was related to adulation or flattery. He was eating some wild herbs when […]

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A Kamba legend

One of the tribes of East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania), the Kamba tribe, has a very interesting legend. It is said that many, many years ago the men who lived in those regions were desperate because everyone died, some when they were young, some when they were old, but either way death was present in

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The empty flower pot

There was once an emperor who summoned all the young men of his kingdom because it was time to find a partner for his daughter.  All the young men came and the king told them “I am going to give a different seed to each one of you, after 6 months you will bring me

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Bad company

Once the abbot of a monastery had this dream: there were many monks in a monastery, each one doing his own task. All of them were surrounded by demons who tried to tempt them in different ways, but in vain, for the monks were holy enough to reject those temptations. At a certain point a

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The logic of the Gospel

Paul Claudel tells this story in his novel “The tidings brought to Mary”:  Jacques Hury is working for his fiancée’s father Vercors when he sees someone stealing wood. Jacques is a righteous and very strict man. He wants to cut off this man’s ear because he believes that everyone deserves punishment for their wrongdoings. When

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The charcoal basket

Once a boy, while visiting his grandfather who lived on a farm, asked him: “grandpa, I try to pray every day as you do, but I get tired of it, and nothing changes anyway. What’s so good about praying?” The old man removed the two or three remaining charcoals from the charcoal basket and asked

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