A blind person in a beautiful city

In Granada, Spain, the townspeople are very proud of the beauty that can be found in their city.  They say that is the most beautiful city in the world. In fact, a story tells that there is a wall that remembers a blind beggar who used to live in that city, and there is an inscription that says: “give him alms because there is nothing worse in life than being blind in Granada.”

We can have our opinions about whether or not Granada is the most beautiful city in the world, but there can be no discussion about the fact that living in a beautiful city while being blind is an unfortunate situation. It is sad to be blind, and to not have the possibility to contemplate the beauty that can be found in this world; but sadder still is the blindness of faith.; to not have the supernatural capacity to contemplate the beauty of God.

The mysteries of our faith are beautiful. The mysteries of our faith shine so brightly that we are like a blind person when we try to contemplate them. This is why we need faith in order to discover them.

There are two problems in this regard:

First of all, we do not understand this reality until we truly discover the mysteries of the Catholic faith with our faith. Just as colors are nothing for a blind person, the mysteries of faith are nothing for those who are supernaturally blind, or, do not have faith. This is why non-believers laugh at those who have faith, because they cannot understand the greatness that is behind the Catholic faith.

The second problem is in faith itself. It is not simply a matter of having faith that will allow us to see the greatness of the mysteries of faith. Faith is a virtue, which means that it can increase or decrease. The greater our faith, the greater the capacity to see the mysteries of faith. That is why people who do not work on increasing their faith have difficulties seeing the beauty of the mysteries of faith. Those who have their hearts focused more on the things of this world than on the things that last forever, have a weak faith and have difficulty seeing the beauty of God and His mysteries.

For this reason, it is very important that we Christians work hard to increase our faith in order to increase our supernatural point of view and to not miss the greatness of the mysteries of faith.

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