The charcoal basket

Once a boy, while visiting his grandfather who lived on a farm, asked him: “grandpa, I try to pray every day as you do, but I get tired of it, and nothing changes anyway. What’s so good about praying?” The old man removed the two or three remaining charcoals from the charcoal basket and asked

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Keep walking

It was Friday, June 13th 1930, when Henri Guillaumet, an experienced French airplane pilot, had to travel from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza. The weather forecast predicted a huge snowstorm for that day. However, he still decided to leave Chile and to cross Los Andes (The Andes). At one point the snowstorm became very strong

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But not my soul!

In 1914, after Germany invaded Belgium, a magazine had a famous cartoon in which it showed the German Emperor saying to King Albert of Belgium, “So now you have lost everything”; and Albert’s answer came: “But not my soul!” Behind this cartoon there is an important teaching that is also in the Gospel: We, human

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Feed your interior flame

It is said that a very rich king had a reputation for being indifferent to material wealth and that he was known to be a man of deep religiosity, something somewhat unusual for someone of his ranking. Faced with this situation and moved by curiosity, a subject wanted to find out the sovereign’s secret of

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Some of you probably remember the famous movie High Noon (1952). When Gary Cooper was the town sheriff, he put a murderer in jail. This murderer was set free and returned to town with some friends to get revenge. The townspeople abandoned him and he had to deal with the situation alone. His first reaction

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