Bad company

Once the abbot of a monastery had this dream: there were many monks in a monastery, each one doing his own task. All of them were surrounded by demons who tried to tempt them in different ways, but in vain, for the monks were holy enough to reject those temptations. At a certain point a […]

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It is said that in the Principality of Monaco, judges condemned an offender to the guillotine, even though they didn’t have a guillotine nor an executioner. They ordered both (a guillotine and an executioner) from France, but as the rent was very expensive, they decided to leave the offender in jail and not to kill

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Lack of caution

“Play dead! Play dead!”. The screams of Amie Huguenard mingle with the soft sound of rain pattering on the tent and the growls of a bear dragging her boyfriend Timothy from the tent door into the thick vegetation. It is a foggy, closed night. The bear has the boy’s head caught between its jaws. Soon

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Some of you probably remember the famous movie High Noon (1952). When Gary Cooper was the town sheriff, he put a murderer in jail. This murderer was set free and returned to town with some friends to get revenge. The townspeople abandoned him and he had to deal with the situation alone. His first reaction

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