Blessed Clement Hofbauer, a Moravian religious and priest who was born in 1751, was pastor at St. Benno’s Church in Warsaw, Poland. Once he saw a homeless boy on the street and he brought him to the rectory, cleaned him up, fed him and catechized him. Little by little he started bringing more boys to

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It is not enough

There is a novel written by Nikos Kazantzaki (a Greek writer, widely considered a great writer of modern Greek literature) in which the main character would ask God: what is your true name? He always heard a voice saying: “my name is ‘it-is-not-enough’, since that is what I say to all those who dare to

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A great small action

A great small action Two weeks ago, on June 18, 2023, the world was shocked when they heard that a submarine, named “Titan”, that was carrying five people had disappeared. After 5 days of intense searching, they found part of the small submarine and concluded that it must have imploded due to the water pressure

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Limited materials

Fulton Sheen tells a story of a rich woman who, although she took many humanitarian initiatives, she was not motived by charity alone, but rather there was vainglory behind her works of charity. Only occasionally she gave money just out of charity. When she died, she went to heaven and St. Peter showed her her

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Love of others

There is a fable, written by Tolstoy, about a man who, while returning home from work, passed in front of a church where there was a poor man begging. The beggar asked the worker, could you please take me with you? I need a shower and a bed. This man decided to take him home,

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Once St. John Bosco had a meeting with a minister named Farini, who wanted to close the school that St. John Bosco had founded. He went to make an appeal for mercy, but it was not an easy appeal since the minister was very angry with Don Bosco and his work. When Don Bosco arrived

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