Some of you probably remember the famous movie High Noon (1952). When Gary Cooper was the town sheriff, he put a murderer in jail. This murderer was set free and returned to town with some friends to get revenge. The townspeople abandoned him and he had to deal with the situation alone. His first reaction […]

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Pleasing God

Once St. Anthony, abbot visited the city of Alexandria in Egypt. He went there because Bishop Athanasius (future St. Athanasius) wanted to talk with him there. When St. Anthony entered the city, he saw a woman who was very well dressed and who drew the attention of all those who passed by. St. Anthony immediately

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Trying our best

Suffering from terminal spinal cancer at the age of 47, former North Carolina State basketball coach Jim Valvano spoke with a reporter earlier this year. He looked back on his life and told a story about himself as a 23-year-old coach of a small college team. “Why is winning so important to you?” the players

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Alfred the Great was king of the West Saxons in England during the ninth century. The days of Alfred’s rule were not easy. His country was invaded by the Danes. The Danes won almost every battle. After many struggles, his army was broken and scattered. He also had to flee to the forest. After days

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