A piece of sky

A couple of hunters were hunting in the middle of the jungle when they saw a hut. Out of curiosity, they went over to the hut.  “Maybe,” they thought, “it is a hut for hunters to sleep in, in case of necessity.” However, when they got to the hut, they found that an old man with long white hair and a beard lived there: he was an anchorite.

They could not believe that a person was able to live alone in that place. After talking for a while, they realized that that man was a happy man. So, they asked him how he could be happy living alone in that place and with no comfort at all. The old man said to them: “do you see that small hole in the wall?” “Yes” – they answered. Go and look through it, you will see the source of my happiness.

The two hunters looked through the hole, but they did not see anything special. They thought that the old man was kind of crazy because of his loneliness. But, he did not seem like a crazy man, so, one of them said: “Sorry sir but I can see nothing special. I can only see trees, plants and a piece of sky.” “That is –the old man started saying – that is, a piece of sky, that is the cause of my joy. After this life, I will go to heaven. That is my hope and source of joy.” 

This is another hope that the Resurrection of Our Lord brought. A piece of sky! The Resurrection of Jesus is a clear sign that after this present life there is another life, a much better life; much more comfortable; much more enjoyable. 

We are called to go to heaven! Heaven is the place where we will arrive after our death, like Jesus. Yes, our life makes sense despite the sufferings, difficulties and whatever other calamity we can suffer in this life; despite whatever problem we have to face in this life. Jesus’ Resurrection makes us laugh at evil and at each bad thing (illness, accident, disaster, etc.) that can happen to us. It makes us laugh at Satan and at all evil, angelic or human, spirits. Thanks to this piece of sky, we can now see life through Jesus’ Resurrection.

That piece of sky is the gladness of the victory over each kind of evil, although it is difficult to face them and bear them. But, in His Resurrection we already won those battles although they are future battles. He won for us every single battle in anticipation; we just need to see that piece of sky.

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